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Why All The Little Windows?

When first seeing the Delavan Lakefront home at 2316 North Shore Drive, many people ask the same question.  "Why do they have so many little windows?

The unique design, which has given the home the affectionate nick name of "The Birdhouse", occurred back in the early design process in 1989.  Back then, the owner of the property was meeting with an architect and wanted to create a home with a large "silo" feature on the lakefront side.

 The design was to give more dramatic views from the top floor and allow natural light to pour into the great room and sun room.  A large front deck area was created to give plenty of room for entertaining and enjoying the lake views.

 But why all the little windows?  Well, the owner of the property had two young daughters.  He wanted to involve them in the building and design process.  When he asked them what they wanted in their new lake house, the girls asked for lots of windows so they could see outside. 

 The result was windows at all heights and sizes.  Windows that the young girls could peek out and see the lake life around them.  Windows that let in lots of light and and can be used to peer out at the moon.

     Another bonus feature of this 5,688 square foot Delavan lakefront, in addition to six bedrooms, five bathrooms, a work out room, steam shower and jetted tub is the waterfront boat house that gives sweeping views of Delavan Lake.  It's a airy place to watch the children play while they splash around and jump off the pier.      For a complete tour of this marvelous North Shore Drive Delavan Lake property, click HERE

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